Montauk is a polis


The perception of reality is comprised (entirely) of ones’ acquired imprints re-imagined into physical space. Our sensory intake is more than just the eye, it is the energy that is stored and collaged in the mind.

The color and light we see,and the color and light we imagine configure to create harmonious color and spatial relationships.Physical space and perceptual space create illusions, thus producing false impressions of the physical world.

SPACE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  To reframe how we think about space IN photography. To use space as a medium itself to convey how physical space and mental space influence each other. Photography is typically seen as a 2d medium. By putting depth into an image, it echoes a sensory experience, and conveys how we are never in one dimension of space at a time: our mind collages memories, memories OF memories, experiences, fleeting colors,shapes…

Blending of impermanence of light and space (both mental and physical): expanding 2D space and the flattening of 3D space to create a new perception of a collaged reality.

LIGHT                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Light allows a visual conversation of an ever changing balance of dualities: Visible/Invisible, Emerging/Disappearing, Absence/Presence, Permanence/Temporality.

Glimpses of light create illusions in space, leaving imprints, forcing us to question our reality. 

PAINTINGS                                                                                                                                                                                                     Multiplicities of fleeting shapes create a physical and psychological space that is constantly in flux. In this space, mental imagery and our perceived reality visually coexist to form a collage. The formlessness of shapes alludes to an undefinitive origin or end, thus creating a new perspective on the image, These illusions of reality reinforce that there are dimensions beyond and/or underneath the surface that is a chaotic yet repetitious blend of fleeting colors, feelings, and experiences in motion.